This is an excerpt from our privacy policy. Please refer to our privacy policy for full disclosure of how we handle data.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small files containing data that are placed on your device, be it a desktop computer or mobile gadget. Cookies are used by many online service providers to make their websites or services function or work more efficiently. Sometimes they are used to report information.

You distinguish two broad types of cookies. The ones that are set by the website owner (which in this case would be us, Hidden Emphasis) are called "first party cookies". The cookies that are placed by other tools or services, but are included on our website, are called "third party cookies". Third party cookies make it possible to deliver certain services or interactive elements to website users. An excellent example of this is Google maps, which are created by Google and are then included in a website. These maps usually save cookies from Google on your device (which is why we don’t use them).

What makes third party cookies dangerous is the fact that these third parties can recognize your device, even if it hasn’t ever visited your website before. They can recognize you as the user of the site that transmitted the third party cookie.

At the moment, cookies are not used on our website.

However, if you decide to sign up for our newsletter, our emailing service provider MailChimp can use cookies to guide you through the sign-up process or whenever you visit their website. We cannot influence this process. Please refer to Section VI. of our privacy policy for more information on our newsletter and on MailChimp.