About Hidden Emphasis

Hidden Emphasis helps you to thrive where others don't. Because tomorrow holds well for those who broaden their horizons.

Staying out is always easier than getting in. (Photo: Oranges on a plate, one pear outside of it.)

Why This Matters


»Early in your career, getting noticed is all about mastering the technical expertise that the job requires. As you progress, you need to broaden that expertise.«

Harvard Business Review


»Individuals and classes that are good at winning the cultural competitions Bourdieu described tend to dominate the places where economic opportunity is richest.«

New York Times


»Only about ten per cent of the population, largely academics with high social status, make use of cultural institutions such as concert halls, theatres[,] and museums at all.«


What Hidden Emphasis Is All About

Ignite your Personal Growth

A well-rounded person is a master of many skills. While others compete in how fast they can grow, success just as fulfillment depends much more on the direction that we choose. Improve your learning, thinking, and self-awareness. Discover high culture and unlock your full potential to establish your place in society.

Topics include:

  • learning
  • thinking
  • high culture
  • savoir vivre

Enhance your Productivity

Managing your time is essential if you want to advance personally and professionally. It isn't about rushing through work to make room for even more of the same tedious activities. It's rather about wasting less time on tasks that don't fulfill you and reaching your goals efficiently. This way, you'll have an impact.

Topics include:

  • time management
  • goal setting
  • decision making
  • tech skills

Master your Communication

Communicating concisely has become a cornerstone of our age. Still, there's more to communication than mere writing and talking skills. How you convey your and your business' value is the most crucial success factor of today. Learn to be heard in environments that demand sophistication and won't allow for screaming.

Topics include:

  • etiquette
  • writing
  • branding
  • negotiation

How Hidden Emphasis can help you

1. Esteem

Develop the distinctive identity you desire. Be better than you were yesterday and set yourself apart while others indulge in ordinary monotony.

2. Achievement

Reaching your goals becomes feasible when you improve your thinking, learning, and productivity. Acquire the essential skills required in the 21st century.

3. Belonging

Humans strive for change. Everyone is continually competing with each other to advance socially. Be heard and recognized by those you care about most.

Alexander Hetzel

Who made this?

My name is Alexander, and I'm a communications strategist at Gladspring. I've been advising companies on how to thrive in digital environments for most of my life. I also studied law and wrote a best-selling book when I was 25.

For over 15 years, I'm intrigued by how the most accomplished grow and achieve their goals. I'm fascinated by how brands and people convey their value so distinctly that those around them can't but listen. Hidden Emphasis is my contribution to spread how these principles work and what it takes to advance beyond your imagination.

Accompany me on this path and become part of a community that believes everyone can reach their full potential, not only by coincidentally being dealt the right cards but by studying the underlying mechanisms of the game.