Hidden Emphasis

Learn Markdown: Close-up of motorised signage in London

Making A Mark

Markdown Is Everywhere. Time to Learn How to Use It.

Markdown allows you to write faster by formatting your writings without taking your fingers off your keyboard. All you need to learn is a few extra symbols that you add to your texts. Bonus: It works on every platform.

Create Your Future: Stanford University hallway

Future Tense

Don’t Fret About Your Future, Create It

Does the future seem scary? You’re certainly not alone. But there’s no point in ruminating—it will only move you backward, never forward. Don’t wait for your future; create it yourself by providing value to those that need you.

Pick your values: Side of a boat on the sea

Not Picky

How to Pick Your Values for Better Decision Making

Have you ever had to make a crucial decision that seemed almost insurmountable? Chances are you weren’t fully aware of your core values at that time. Have you tried picking them deliberately? Here’s how to choose the right ones.

Core Values: Dozens of koi fish in a lake

Encore Une Fois

A List of 77 Core Values That Will Guide Your Life

We’re expected to act according to our values. But we can’t just extract our values from our daily lives. We need to pick them carefully and deliberately. Here’s a list of core values to spark your inspiration.

Perfectionism Brand: Sushi chef preparing food in Tokyo, Japan

Vice President

Perfectionism Is a Brand, Not a Vice

To the dismay of many of us, the opponents of perfectionism are still on the rise. We’re supposed to lower our expectations, to let go. But what if we’re not made for mediocrity? What if all we crave is a little perfection?

About Page: Man standing in front of an office window, looking outside

Ego Many Aches

How to Write Your About Page: It’s Not About You

You might be mistaken if you assume the about page on your website is about you. It’s about your readers and how your writings serve as solutions to their problems. But don’t worry—you can still win an Oscar for your supporting role.